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Sunday, January 22, 2017

[REVIEW] Garden of Eden Rosa E Pigmentation Serum

Bila setiap kali sebut Garden of Eden, mesti terngiang iklan yang ada menyanyi Garden of Edeeeennn. Kalau tak pernah dengar tu, its okay, anda masih muda la tu.

I have been trying to find a serum since my friends were freaking me out "Wei, hang dah start pakai serum dak? Kena start dari la ni sebab nanti dah jadi mak mak menyesai tak sudah!" I have been reading good reviews about this serum so I decided to give it a try.

Met the saleswoman and she did a good job by explaining to me the functions of all the serums (they have quite a few) and she recommended this Rosa E pigmentation serum.

You probably have read the product info yada yada before so I will skip all those and start reviewing.


I have been using this serum for hm lets see, around 2-3 months. But I did stop for about two weeks because I had a horrible breakouts which I am pretty sure not caused by the serum. So after the episode of breakouts, I was left with few scars although I did not kopek any of my jerawats. I was also left with dry patches at the breakouts area.

I consistently use this serum every night because the serum is a little bit thick, but runny. You just have to rub and it will easily be absorbed. I do not prefer to use the serum during the day sebab nanti muka I boleh guna untuk goreng ikan. After a few days actually, I could see the scars were fading and also no more dry patches wuhuuuuuuu!

Every morning, my skin will look smoother and softer. No new pimples so it does not clog pores, another bonus point!

The not so best punya thing is the smell. It smells like.....oil. Not unpleasant, but not a good oily smell either. It does not sting but you basically notice the smell. But I am using it at night so the smell does not bother me that much since I will be sleeping soundly anyway.

These are the prices if I am not mistaken and if they haven't increased the prices yet :

5ml - RM39.40 (RM7.88/ml)
15 ml - RM76.45 (RM5.09/ml)

I bought the 5ml since I wanted to try it first, and since my skin is sensitive, I was afraid the serum is not suitable for my skin, I have been using the serum around 2 to 3 months now, yet I still have more than half of the bottle still. You only have to use around 3 drops for your whole face and it is easier because it comes with a dropper.


-Your skin will feel smoother and plumper the next day!
-Tahan lama okay and jimat especially for students
-It is a plant based serum
-Helps lighten the scars
-Dry patches no more!
-Does not clogged pores and cause breakouts (at least for me)
-Absorbed easily


-The smell

Final thoughts - I honestly think this is a great serum, the price is affordable and it works perfectly on my skin (minus the smell though). I would definitely repurchase or maybe try the other serum from Garden of Eden. 

Okay dah boleh pergi beli sekarang dekat Guardian

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