Wednesday, December 16, 2015


playing (In my place // Coldplay)

It's 5.30 a.m here, and I am still on my laptop wishing I am sleeping like any other human beings.
I still remember the days where I choose not to sleep sebab marathon movie ataupun lain lain perkara, tapi it has been years since whether I like it or not I have to stay up late due to different reasons which are boooringggggggggg.

adakah ini adulthood? hew

Funny to think back how things have changed. a lot. 

as usual, side notes for my future self or weird notes for my past self

i) remember the day you thought about braces? remember the day(s) that you managed to drag yourself for a few appoinments about your braces and you ah well chickened out like so many times? (I am not even joking about the "eh takpe lah tak payah lah pergi next appoinment"),

well babe, after 6 years of chickening out, you have finally done it! well done I am partially proud of you!

ii) jangan ingat semua orang chill out dan takdak hasad dengki boleh? because you will be surprised when you found out the people yang mempunyai perasaan/perangai seperti itu.

iii) learn to have low expectations on EVERYTHING because high expectations lead to major dissapoinment. berapa kali nak ulang entah?

iv) not everyone who is nice in front of you is nice behind your back (:

v) RESEARCH PROJECT IS SO SAKIT HATI dan kalau hang (future diri sendiri) nak sambung lagi, sila hadapi dengan lebih tabah okay? and why no one found cure for dengue yet? and why am I including testing dengan aedes dkt diri sendiri entah lah nakkkk.

please update about your short trip tu please thank you.