Sunday, February 08, 2015


playing (Everybody's changing // Keane)

Bila ingat balik, berbanding setahun yang lepas, 
semua benda dalam hidup aku lain.
dia bukan lain sikit, lain banyak okay.

People think that a year is only a short period of time,
but the fact is, in a year, things change.

I am happily living my life to the fullest at the moment and with that I am grateful.
true that, people leave, memories made,
but hey, that's life.
kalau sama ja setiap masa, bosan jugak lepastu nanti nak cerita apa kat anak cucu?

ohh, congratulations to my friendS yang nak bertunang/nak kahwin tak lama lagi.
as for me, 
i have microbiology's and pathology's presentations to be done for next week.
not to be forgotten biochemistry's and microbiology's lab tests next week as well.

oh well.