Tuesday, May 29, 2018

[REVIEW] Garden of Eden Grape E Anti Aging Serum

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[REVIEW] Garden of Eden Grape E Anti Aging Serum

Hai bersama kita dengan review untuk lagi satu produk Garden of Eden. Yang sebelum ni I ada review pasal Rosa E Pigmentation Serum 

I stop pakai Rosa E serum tu selepas dua botol sebab I cuba serum yg lain, tapi setelah beberapa lama, I rujuk balik dekat Rosa E serum tu. Nak dijadikan cerita, masa I nak beli tu tengah promosi Rosa E dengan Grape E ni. Being the cheapskate me, I pun beli la sebab promosi kan.


- Delays early signs of aging
- Promotes skin's youthful radiance
- Improves skin's elasticity



I was skeptical at first to apply this serum during my morning routine. I wanted to use this at night tapi hellooooo my Rosa E pigmentation serum pun perlu digunakan? So I decided to give it a try. Instead of using 5 drops as recommended, I only use about 3 drops (sometimes less but never more), and guess what? My skin loves it soooooo muchhhhh. After using the serum, my skin is soft, and have that dewy look. Most importantly, it is not oily sampai tahap boleh goreng minyak. I am sorry I doubted you Grape E.

I am still in my 20s so the part where it claims to delay the early signs of aging tu I hope its true. Probably kalau I konsisten pakai, masa I umur late 30s tu orang ingat I muda remaja lagi la kot? Tapi apa yang I boleh kongsi, kulit I setuju dengan serum ni. Kulit I ni paling manja salah sikit breakouts tapi dengan Grape E serum ni, dia macam okay beb I approve your choice this time. 

Yes it is an oil but it absorbs so easily into your skin and when you continue to apply your sunscreen and foundation, it is amazingly smooth. Serum ni dah masuk dalam morning routine dah cuma kalau I malas tu, hm tak boleh nak tolong la.

At the moment, no new pimples, not clogging my pores yeay!

Tapi, ha jap. Remember when I said that the Rosa E Pigmentation Serum ada this oily smell. Update : the one that I bought this time, does not have that oily smell anymore buuuutttttt that oily smell somehow is at this Grape E Serum. Again, it is not unpleasant, the smell will be gone after the serum is absorbed, but it is not a nice smell either. No it does not sting, but you will notice the smell.

How can I describe the smell eh. Ha! You know your newly opened cooking oil? The unused one, the smell is something like that.

Anyway, it is just a minor problem compare to what it benefits me. So its okay, I'll live with it. Gitu.


- Your skin will be dewy
- Super easy to be absorbed by the skin
- Does not clog pores and caused breakouts for me
- Plant based serum
- That feeling of your skin is soo smooth
- Hydrates your skin
- Good for people with oily skin


- Seperti biasa, the oil smell



Sumber google

Okay dah boleh serbu dan cari serum Garden of Eden yang bersesuaian dengan hampa. Good luck!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Cara menjaga braces

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Cara menjaga braces

Hai kembali lagi ke segmen bila-nak-cabut-braces-ni?

Selalu orang tanya macam mana nak jaga braces dalam konteks macam mana nak gosok gigi apa semua. Bagi I yg semua nak cepat ni, mungkin renyah sikit nak jaga braces sebab mestilah nanti bila bukak braces nak gigi helok. Takmau la pulak nanti gigi dh straight tapi fuh berkerak.

Disclaimer : Ni benda yg I buat okay. Kalau nak lagi power, boleh tanya dentist masing masing. 

1- Gosok gigi regularly : Dulu I pulon sangat lepas makan ja terus pergi gosok gigi. Sorry kawan kawan yg kena tunggu I memanjang pi tandas. Tapi lepas dah lama sikit, I pun makin tak berapa pulon dan dapat tau yg tak elok sebenarnya gosok gigi lepas makan. Apa yg I buat sekarang ni, bawak ja berus gigi dengan ubat gigi dalam beg, masa nak pi solat, baru gosok gigi. Ataupun masa ada meeting, lari la sat pergi toilet dan gosok gigi. Pedulikan segan depan orang sebab kebersihan jugak okay, kang tengah bagi point bernas masa meeting tapi nah kt celah braces ada cebisan makanan.

2- Guna interdental brush : Kalau dulu, lepas gosok gigi okay you are done, tapi la ni, lepas gosok gigi, guna interdental brush pulak okay untuk bersihkan celah celah braces pulak. Masa mula mula pakai braces, lepas pakai braces tu I kena dengar "briefing", kalau tak guna interdental brush, nanti kan celah braces tu tak cuci kan, nanti dh bukak braces akan ada stain dekat gigi. You want? I don't want thats why we need the interdental brush!

3- Tukar berus gigi : Kalau dulu, lepas 3 bulan ataupun berus tu dh kembang baru tukar berus gigi, tapi sekarang ni, kena kerap. Sebab seriously satttt ja berus tu dah kembang. Ala bristle tu tak elok dah macam mana entah nak explain. Tapi tukar lah berus gigi sekerap mungkin.

4- Jangan pakai ubat gigi pemutih : Sebab nanti bila bukak braces, gigi tak sama warna. Nanti dah bukak braces, tapi dok ada bekas braces seolah olah dok pakai braces lagi. 

5- Kumur mulut jangan dilupakan : Lepas gosok gigi elok elok apa semua, kumur lah mulut anda guna gargle tu. Untuk bunuh bakteria dengan lebih lagi sebab mulut dh la memang kumpoi bakteria, ada braces ni lagi laaaahhh.

6- Doktor suruh floss : Tapi I malas so I tak buat. Ni I tak boleh la nasihatkan sebab I pun tak buat kang jadi ketam mengajar anaknya berjalan lurus pulak. Ha gitu.

Okay, tu ja kot buat masa ni. Semoga Amalina boleh bukak braces cepat. Kalau berjaya bukak braces nanti I update lagi. Kalau I tak update tu kiranya I dok brace face lagi la tu. Huhuhuhuhuhu

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Helping the carer

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Helping the carer

Disclaimer : This will only be a glimpse of what is happening/what happened in my life.

So, during the new year's eve, Atok was warded due to some on-going complications, for a few months everything went downhill. This whole Atok being warded was really challenging both for me and Atok.

I admit that there are times when I am at my lowest but I had to mask everything in front of everyone especially in front of my Atok. Anyway, this post is just to help you to help the carer. 

1- Ask them how they are ; Although the person that is sick is not them, the act of you caring for the carer means a lot to them. A simple "hang okay?" would be enough. This part I have to thank my family members, that special someone, one of my high school juniors and also my childhood best-friends. I was having a hard time juggling between travelling to hospital-work (basically for nearly four months, I was sleeping at the hospital), these people are the only people that bothered to spend a potion of their time to constantly asking how am I. Thank you. 

For the carer themselves ;

2- Find a person that you can tell stuff ; I kept a lot of things bottled up, that is bad. I pretended to be okay babe when at work, in front of people, but I wasn't okay. I am not advising you to tell EVERYONE about what is happening, that few people is already enough. Keeping things bottled up will really drain you. You will feel excessively tired and that is not good for your mental health. 

3- Cry if you want ; Cry because there are things that you need to cry about. But do not cry in front of the patient, that will make them sad and will make them feel that they are actually a burden for you because they are not.

4- Take good care of yourself ; Because you need to take care of your loved one, you must take care of yourself first. I decided to take unpaid leaves (thank you to my employee for being so supportive and understanding and also to my team mates) because I could feel my self was drifting away, I was okay at the office, meeting clients, meeting customers, and my relationship with my co-workers are also fine, but deep down, I wasn't okay. I had to stop over at the RnR for naps because I was so tired I wasn't able to open my eyes while driving. I kept on skipping my lunch because I needed sleep so badly during my breaks. On top of that, things were not going well with Atok. 

Please keep the faith. Allah takkan menguji kita kalau kita tak  mampu. One day when everything is fine, you will look back and feel that you have done everything you could. Semua  ni ada hikmah okay?

Love yourself, dear carer. And you need to constantly love the person you are taking care of. 

After all the operations, countless tears and countless laughs, Atok is already out. And we came out from the hospital with a lot of memories both good and bad, we ended having close relationships with the nurses, the doctors, the attendants. Things are not 100% okay, but insyaAllah things will be better. If its not better, its not the end right?

If you are reading this and you are a carer yourself, may Allah ease everything for you. Please spare some doas for my Atok as well (: 

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Rewind and forward

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Rewind and forward

Dulu I janji dengan diri sendiri untuk buat blog ni balik walaupun akan jadi personal tapi not too personal, macam ada gap gitu. Tapi mungkin post kali ni akan jadi personal lebih sikit tapi takpa kot? 

Happy New Year walaupun dah nak dekat penghujung Januari 2018. I am not sure what this 2018 holds for me (harap harapnya baik) tapi I sambut 2018 bawah letupan bunga api macam dalam movie kan? 

Tapi realitinya I sambut bawah letupan bunga api sebab I tertidur dalam kereta depan Emergency Room hospital. Esok genap sebulan I berkampung dekat hospital sebab Atok I admitted. Hai future Amalina, kalau you baca blog ni nanti, ingatlah bahawasanya you are stronger than you think you are. 

Rutin I selama sebulan ni ulang alik tempat kerja - hospital sampaikan I ada almari sendiri okay dekat bilik Atok I ni yg penuh dengan baju kerja I. 

(I want to be personal, I want to express more tapi entah lah, rasa macam I kennot)

Anyway, untuk 2018 azam I yg basic ;

1/ Untuk block manusia manusia negatif dan juga manusia manusia humble brag dalam social media I. Sebab I tak suka orang orang macam ni, untuk elakkan I sakit jiwa rasa menyampah terok, baik I block/mute siap siap.

2/ Untuk rasa okay ja bila kawan datang dan pergi. I won't dwell anymore. I takkan ingat "dulu-dulu" sebab dulu dulu dah habis. People move on.

3/ Untuk menempuh segalanya dengan lebih bergaya dan terbukak hati. 

4/ Untuk simpan dan sayang dan hargai keluarga, IH, saudara mara, kawan kawan yang masih rasa nak ada.

Okay dah la tu cukup sikit ja kongsi. I masih tak reti nak tamatkan entri, bye. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Edisi Braces

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Edisi Braces

I am approaching the end of my two years being a braceface (tu pun kalau nanti bulan 12 gigi dah rapat semua dan bekerjasama, kalau tak, extend leerrr jawabnya)

Untuk senangkan yang tak berapa tahu lagi pasal braces tapi bercita cita nak pakai, meh I bagi guidelines sikit. 
(Disclaimer : I bukan dentist/student dentistry, I cakap berdasarkan pengalaman ja okay)

1// Cari klinik yang disukai

Ini penting okay. Baca review review klinik klinik, buat list klinik klinik pilihan hati, tanya harga apa semua sebab you are going to commit to the same dental clinic for many yearsss maka sangatlahhhh penting untuk suka klinik tu. Nanti dah ada pilihan, jumpa dentist tu, dia akan terangkan semua benda. 

2// X-Ray + Mould gigi

Dekat klinik I pergi tu, I kena pergi x-ray kat hospital lain, nanti dia bagi referral letter, pergi ja hospital tu untuk x-ray. Mould gigi pulak dia buat kat klinik yang sama. Yang ni akan rasa tak selesa ja sebab bahan acuan gigi tu. Tak selesa tapi tak sakit jangan risau beb.

3// Cabut gigi

Kalau dentist cakap tak payah cabut gigi, sila lah sujud syukur sekarang. Kalau dia cakap kena cabut gila, hmph boleh dah buat preparation mental dan fizikal sebab bagi I, cabut gigi ni part paling sakit. Dulu I punya postpone la nak buat braces sebab I takut nak cabut gigi. Masa I dah cabut gigi tu, kesakitan lepas bius hilang tu buat I stress dengan diri sendiri sebab takdak penyakit cari penyakit! Gigi sihat dan kuat kot, bila cabut memang lain macam la sakit dia.

4// Pasang braces

Aaaa pasang braces ni taktau nak cerita apa. Korang nganga ja sementara dentist asyik gerodek mulut korang. Tak sakit pun tapi lepas dah ada braces dalam mulut, dia macam eh peliknya what is dis. Pengalaman I sendiri, dulu sebelum pakai orang cakap nanti bila dah pakai braces tiba tiba jadi pelat "s", cakap pelat apa semua tu. Tapi dusta semata mata. Kalau korang tetiba jadi macam tu, taktau la nak cakap apa hue hue hue sowi.

Oh ha! I boleh tutup mulut, so walaupun ada braces dalam mulut, I tak la ternganga 24/7 macam 7Eleven open 24 hours.

5// Ketatkan tiap tiap bulan

Appoinment tiap tiap bulan kena pergi tau kalau tak makin lama la tempoh pakai braces, dah la makin lama tempoh pakai braces, kena marah pulak tu dengan dentist. Ketatkan ni sakit sikit la tapi dia bearable. Ada bulan bila I ketatkan, I tak boleh makan solid food seminggu, kalau degil makan jugak, dia punya sakit tu rasa nak menangis. Ada bulan pulak, lepas ja ketatkan, esoknya tu I dah boleh makan nasik lemak ayam berempah. Ada bulan pulak asyik naik ulcer sampai kena letak wax berlambak dekat brackets.

*wax ni untuk cover sharp edges kat braces sebab kalau tak nanti jadi ulcer.

6// Elastic rubber band

Yang ni kedua sakit selain dari cabut gigi. Sakit ooiii. Dah la tak selesa, nak bukak mulut pun sakit okay, merasa lah jadi pendiam sebulan dua. Yang ni nanti nak makan kena bukak, kalau taknak bukak pun takpa tapi tak selesa la nangis la hang situ sorang sorang. Lepas makan kena pakai balik tau. Masa I kena pakai ni, dentist I asyik pesan "awak kena pakai tau, kena disiplin! Ingat tau!"

Dia asal kecik ja elastic rubber band ni, tapi dari kecik tu kena tarik sampai macam tu. faham faham la sengal mulut gusi semua macam mana.

Ni masa ni tengah pakai elastic rubber band tu la, jangan tertipu dengan senyuman tu padahal sakit wkwkwkw sian.

Yang tu ja kot yang I ingat buat sementara ni, nanti kalau I ingat, I update lagi. Selamat pakai braces, people. Jangan pakai braces sebab nak nampak cool tau, dan jauhi fake braces.

Monday, September 04, 2017


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Ada banyak janji yang I dah buat dengan diri sendiri contohnya nak bagi blog ni ada banyak benda yang boleh bagi manfaat kat orang. Macam nak buat review buku buku supaya orang boleh beli buku dan jadikan amalan membaca amalan mulia.

Tapi tu lah. My life is at a weird point at the moment so semua benda macam kelam kabut dan tak tentu arah. Nak baca buku dan buat review dekat blog tu dah banyak sangat dah draft tapi nak publish tu tak publish publish lagi.

Dan sekarang ni I dah langgar satu janji I ; nak bagi benda manfaat ja dekat blog ni sebab dengan published nya entri ni, ni adalah entri yang tidak bermanfaat langsung.